About us

Since 2012 MPS Oberberg is focused on service in repair welding, sale of precision welding systems including suitable accessories and also on training courses in repair welding of moulds an dies. For more than one decade of repairs and training with customers all over Europe we have range of mold and die repair:

Broken molds made from unknown material or hardness, extreme difficult materials to weld, complex tool geometries, strong contamination by dirt or release agents et cetera, existing welding deposits of unknown quality and permanent time pressure were and still are parameters under which perfect repairs must become executed today.

Fulfillment of above requirements is essential for successful repair welding in many fields of application, such as:

  • Tool and die making industry
  • Tool and die maintenance
  • Medical technology industries
  • Aeronautic and astronautic industries

Please contact:

Bernd Dörnen

Phone: +49 171 6218582

E-Mail: info@mps-oberberg.de

Background and experience in precision welding

  • Service in repair welding, sale of precision welding systems and training courses in
    repair welding of molds and dies
  • 2012 foundation of company MPS Oberberg
  • previously active as product manager at company joke Technolgy GmbH (formerly known as JOISTEN & KETTENBAUM GmbH & Co. KG), responsible for the fields of Welding/micro welding and tungsten coating Sand blasting by injector and pressure blasting cabins Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Establishment and expansion of division repair welding at joke Technology GmbH
  • Co-developer of a revolutionary pulse welding repair technology for molds and dies
  • Experienced teacher for above unique welding technology
  • Consultation in metallurgical questions
  • Application technology