Welding training directly from the expert

We offer a precise welding course for your employers to be prepared for the in-house usage.

After passing our training your employees are ready to do precise welding in-house.

We train your employees for precise welding done in-house. So you can save time and money and become independent from external ressources. Repair welding of broken molds and tools means a perfect mixture of quality and high speed in execution generating a significant influence on production process.

Our training include courses for nearly all common single- and continuous-pulse welding systems, such as MPS precipulse. As well we offer training courses in standard TIG-welding (DC + AC mode) especially for mold and die repair.

Contents of training will be checked with you in advance to ensure that training will match your requirements to 100 percent. As important is the possibility of training at customers´ site: Training in your working environment, at your tools and molds.

Take the opportunity and contact Bernd Dörnen about your specific welding training.