Precision welding in its simplest form. The new welding unit by MPS welding technology in very compact design. Lightweight and easily transportable. But most of all very simple in operation and handling. So we just call it: easypulse.

Developed especially for use in moldmaking and tool maintenance. When standard TIG welding cannot fulfill requirements adequately – just switch over to “pulse-mode” in order to achieve above-average results in micro-/precision welding. Welding wires from ø 0,3 mm can be used. Maximum reduction of heat impact in combination with unmatched arc stability ensures perfect welding results even at difficult workpiece geometries such as corners and sharp edges.

Because of its mobility easypulse can be used at work bench or even on mold installed at machine – without time consuming and expensive mold change.

easypulse comes as a set: welding unit, hand welding torch with flexible head, foot pulse switch, gas pressure regulator with flowmeter, earthing cable. Additionally you only need shield gas and electric power – ready for use!

Expandable at any time to complete micro welding workplace by:

  • Welding microscope
  • Cross table
  • Foot pedal controller for TIG welding
  • Appropriate lighting units
  • Light conductors
  • Tool holders
  • Extra accessories for special applications (upon request)
  • and much more

Furthermore we can offer corresponding welding training for micro precise repair welding in particular for moldmaking and tool maintenance industries – please contact us.

Flyer easypulse welding system