Pulsed welding in the finest dimensions. Our new precipulse system gives you every opportunity of not only achieving the finest welding results but also gaining the greatest degree of flexibility at very little cost.

In recent years, welding with pulsed electric arcs has firmly established itself as a process that is, in some cases, a better alternative to laser welding, as it has many advantages, such as greater flexibility and lower cost. We evaluated the experience we gained in microprecision repair welding technology over ten years, and we now offer you the result: our first, exclusive, in-house finest welding system, the MPS precipulse – available immediately.

With this system, we have further improved the established technology in order to achieve the very best welding results at low effort. As the technology is based on a conventional WIG system, it is very easy to learn how to handle the device and accessories. We show you how to achieve the best results in the appropriate training course.

We add a range of welding torches, accessories and workplace components to the device to create a customized configuration that meets your requirements precisely. Call us.

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